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Patios and Pergolas West Pennant Hills

patios and pergolas west pennant hills

Patios and Pergolas in West Pennant Hills

Enhance the look and value of your home with patios and pergolas in West Pennant Hills. ATS Awnings & Additions consult you on your ideal layout, design and colours to naturally blend in with your existing home.

From flat, curved, pitched, gabled and heritage designs – we’re confident you’ll find a style that matches your home. Each rooftop reduces your exposure to harmful UV rays and dampens the sound of rainfall to create a quiet, comfortable living space.

Automated Opening Roofs

Take control of your outdoor space with a fully-adjustable opening rooftop.

Use the remote control to adjust your desired level of sunlight and ventilation. The louvre blades prevent rainfall from entering, while still providing a sufficient amount of sunlight into your home.

Connect your opening rooftop to a rain sensor and the louvres automatically close after detecting raindrops.

Sun Rooms

Naturally extend your home to the great outdoors with an insulated and spacious living area.

Our all-in-one sun room packages are designed to your specific needs. From insulation ceiling thickness to window glazing options, interior wall design and a huge range of colours – you have total control over the look and feel of your sun room.

Just like our opening roofs, verandahs, insulated roofs, patios and pergolas in West Pennant Hills – you can choose from a huge range of designer colours.


Our custom-made carports come in a range of flat, pitched, curved, gabled, heritage, and gazebo designs. The superior corrugated and ribbed rooftops cancel out rainfall noise. And come in a variety of steel thickness levels to suit your insulation needs.


ATS Awnings construct naturally sustainable decking for porches, verandahs, patios and pergolas in West Pennant Hills. Available in Treated Pine, Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Merbau and Modwood – choose your favourite light or dark shade to match your outdoor living space.

Proudly Serving West Pennant Hills

ATS Awnings & Additions are conveniently located in West Pennant Hills to design and construct your outdoor extension. Our team of designers and builders help you through the process of getting council approval. And provides all the necessary site inspections, finishing touches and cleaning up.

  • Statutory workmanship guarantee
  • 25 year manufacturer warranty
  • Huge range of insulated roofs, awnings, patios and pergolas in West Pennant Hills
  • Council approved designs
  • Enjoy your outdoor living space all year long

Book a consultation session with one of our experienced designers. Call (02) 8014 5230 to discover how ATS Awnings & Additions can enhance your outdoor living space. Send you online enquiry to receive a quick response from our team.

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Working with ATS

As well as building and project management, we can assist with details such as submission of plans to council. We have over 50 years experience in making superior and attractive home additions in Sydney and it’s suburbs North Shore, Sutherland, Western Sydney, Southern Sydney and South Western Sydney.

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