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ATS Blinds

ATS Blinds & Shutters

ATS Blinds

ATS blinds instantly transform your space to create a sense of seclusion and relaxation.

Family and friends coming over at short notice? With an ATS blind you can instantly transform your outdoor area into a space ready for entertaining.

Offering you and your family protection during every season from UV, sun, wind, and rain all year round.

ATS Blinds have a trusted track design system which glides smoothly without any cords ropes or wires, stopping at any height to suite your desire.

  • No Zips, Cords Ropes or Wires
  • Protects you from the elements
  • Customised Installation
  • Leave at any height
  • Locks at the bottom
  • Add another room to your home

Our blinds are designed to be stylish yet versatile, with colours to compliment your outdoor space.

Sunscreen Mesh

Available in a wide range of colours and transparencies. Our Sunscreen Mesh provides up to 99% UV block and up to 96% protection from wind and rain. Designed to significantly reduce sun glare, these blinds provide a fresh outdoor feeling all the while providing a high degree of privacy.

With easy to maintain material, it requires infrequent cleaning and can look outstanding for years to come.

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The spring-balanced system creates an ease of use, simply leave at your preferred height without all the chains, zips or cords.

ATS Blinds Sydney


The centre-lock release blinds lock at the lowest position providing security in the high winds. When ready to use again simply lift the handle to activate release latches on both side of the bottom bar.

ATS Blinds Sydney


Most outdoor blinds have gaps which allows the dust, wind, rain and insects enter your patio ATS blinds have a sealed barrier, keeping out the heat during the summer but locking in the warmth in the winter.