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What You Need to Know About Glass Sunrooms

Glass Sunroom

With a secure glass enclosure, you get to enjoy the comforts of indoors, yet still admire the view from outside all year round – without the need to worry about insects, wildlife, or the weather.

Of course, there’s a lot of factors to consider when building a sunroom. Here are some of the most important considerations to make during the early design phase.

Quality Glass Panels

Always rely on quality tempered glass (toughened glass) to build your glass sunroom. Why? For starters, tempered glass is safer, as the glass panel crumbles into tiny particles when broken, instead of cracking into dangerous sharp shards.

Secondly, the tempering process ensures the glass is physically and thermally stronger than normal glass. This is because tempered glass has a minimum surface compression of 10,000 pounds per-square-inch (psi) and a minimum edge compression of 9,700 psi. This makes the glass four times stronger than normal annealed glass.

Finally, when treated with double-glazing, tempered glass provides a secure barrier that insulates the indoor living space. Double-glazing also helps reduce visual glare and reduce the transfer of harmful UV rays.

…but that’s not all, you can also install Low E Tempered Glass to reflect heat and UV rays with greater efficiency (yet, still let in some sunlight). Doing so will help you stay comfortable all year round and reduce your reliance on heating and cooling appliances. Thus, lowering your utility bills.

Direction of Sunlight

Where you choose to install your glass sunroom will have a profound impact on its year-round comfort and useability.

Even with the highest quality glass, plus the inclusion of heating and cooling devices, if you live in a particularly hot climate and the sunroom is exposed to the sun for the majority of the day – this could make your sunroom less appealing to spend time in.

For this reason, it’s important to strategically place your sunroom in the right area, one that blends in seamlessly with the rest of the house and (if desired) minimises the amount of sunlight. For instance, you may prefer to have sunlight in the morning, but then enjoy partial to full shade later in the afternoon.

To achieve this kind of sunlight cycle, you may need to install where nearby trees are located, and possibly plant new trees or fixtures to achieve your ideal comfort level.

Sunroom Accessories

How do you intend to use your glass sunroom? 

Do you want a separate dining space to enjoy meals? Set up a permanent seated area to hang out with friends and socialise? Or set up a home entertainment area to watch movies and TV shows or play videogames?

These are important questions to answer. By doing so, this will help you decide the layout of the room, and the kind of furniture you wish to include. Ultimately, the only limit here is your imagination.

In fact, you could even rotate the purpose of the room based on a seasonal cycle. For instance, you could use the space for dining during the warmer seasons, but then transform it into a casual seating area – plus include heating appliances to stay warm in winter.

Of course, these are just some of the many ways to personalise your sun room. You may also wish to include:

  • Sliding screen doors: To make for a seamless transition from the sunroom into the backyard.
  • Ceiling fan – A simple and cost-effective way to beat the heat in summer.
  • Blinds and curtains – Block unwanted sunlight, maintain a consistent temperature, and reduce visual glare during the summer. Ideal if you plan to have a TV or home cinema setup!
  • Plants – Whether real or fake, plants are a great way to add colour and life to your glass sunroom. Make sure you choose plants that can handle the unique climate of your sunroom. For instance, Boston ferns thrive in sunrooms, as they’re highly versatile and easy to care for.

Discover how a glass sunroom can add value to your home and lifestyle. Request a consultation from ATS Awnings & Additions today. Just call (02) 8014 5230 or send your online enquiry.

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