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Cost-Effective Ways to Make Home Energy Efficient

ways to make home energy efficient
Stephen Carruthers

Stephen Carruthers is an expert patio roof builder combining years of construction experience and local climate knowledge to create inviting, durable outdoor spaces.

Recently, energy-efficient homes have become more popular. This inclines in sustainable living and an environmental-friendly lifestyle. An energy-efficient home is designed to use less energy while occupants still have the same level of comfort and convenience as a traditional home. 

You might be planning to build an energy-efficient home from scratch or remodel your current home, but thinking of the costs. Well, there are cost-effective ways to make your home energy efficient. You do not always have to break the bank to minimise your home’s environmental impact.

Choose the right building material.

If you plan to remodel or construct your home and make it energy-efficient, you have to choose sustainable building materials. Some building materials that can help your home become more energy efficient are concrete, bamboo, and recycled steel. Of course, your location and climate should be a major concern when choosing the building materials to use. 

Install proper insulation.

You have to keep your home warm and cool in different seasons. Hence, your air conditioning and heating system have to work overtime to regulate your home temperature. If you plan to build or remodel your home, contractors will install proper insulation in your walls, floor, and attic to regulate your home temperature.

Invest in Energy-Star-certified appliances and efficient lighting fixtures.

Standard appliances are the culprit for your high energy and water consumption and utility bills. Invest in appliances that are Energy-Star certified. These appliances not only offer savings on utility bills, but they have also helped in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by appliances that use energy inefficiently.

Light fixtures also include in this. Switch to LED bulbs. 

Integrate Smart Home systems

This may be an expensive upgrade, but its automation features help you save on energy bills. Common smart home system upgrades include lighting, security, and thermostats. Several smart home devices can learn from your habits and preferences, or you can control your home remotely from your smartphone.

Limit the use of space heaters.

A space heater may keep you warm and cosy during winter, but it is not the most efficient way to heat your home. Space heaters use 1,500W of energy, which is excessive consumption and quite expensive for an energy bill. If a space heater is your only option, go for one that only uses fewer watts and wear layers to help you stay cosy and warm.

Make smart water choices.

An average household can save more than 2,700 gallons of water and 380USD on water bills if they follow these water-saving hacks:

  • Install low-flow shower heads.
  • Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth. Only turn it on when you are about to rinse.
  • Avoid running small laundry loads.
  • Have your plumbing system regularly inspected for leaks.

Final Takeaway

Making your home energy-efficient reduces wasting energy consumption and saves money. If you can afford to remodel your home or build an energy-efficient home from scratch, your decision will be worth it. In the long run, the energy-efficient features in your home will outweigh the costs of installing those features.

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