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From design to build, our team delivers stress-free patio transformations for your long-lasting outdoor enjoyment.

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Insulated Pergolas Sydney

Revolutionise Your Space with a Patio Roof Cover

Step into the world of Patio Roof Covers, where functional design and aesthetic charm unite to redefine your outdoor space, providing not only shade and comfort, but also an inviting atmosphere for relaxation and entertainment.

Flat Insulated Patio Penrith
Insulated Patios Sydney
Insulated Patio Kiama
Insulated Patio Campbelltown

Insulated Patios

Our pioneering insulated patio designs redefine your outdoor living experience. The robust, insulated core not only regulates temperature, creating an inviting atmosphere year-round but also delivers superior noise reduction. Enjoy the serenity of your outdoor space on perfect sunny days, and take comfort knowing you have reliable protection from harsh weather conditions when they arise.

Opening Roof Patios Penrith
Louvered Opening Roof Patios Sydney
Best Patio Roof Patios Penrith
Stunning Opening Roof Patios Penrith

Louvered Opening Roof Patios

With our innovative sunroof patio, you can effortlessly manage your outdoor living conditions. The electronically controlled louvres can be adjusted to your desired position, allowing in the perfect amount of breeze and sunlight on beautiful days and providing reliable protection when the weather turns.

Gable Roof Patio Penrith
Stunning Gable Roof Patio Penrith
Best Gable Roof Patio Penrith
Gable Roof Patio Sydney

Gable Roof Patios

With our striking gable roof patios, elevate your outdoor ambience to new heights. The distinct architectural design allows for enhanced air circulation and optimal sunlight exposure, making your outdoor gatherings feel just right. On splendidly sunny days, delight in the unique light-and-shadow play, while on inclement days, find solace under its robust weather-resistant protection.

Flat Roof Patios Sydney
Best Flat Roof Patios Sydney
Flat Roof Patios Penrith
Stunning Flat Roof Patios Penrith

Flat Roof Patios

Experience the seamless blend of modern aesthetics and practicality with our flat roof patios. The minimalist design complements any architectural style while offering the perfect balance of shade and sunlight. Whether you’re enjoying a relaxing day in the Australian sun or seeking shelter from an unexpected rain shower, our flat roof patios provide the adaptable outdoor sanctuary you need.

Flyover Patios Penrith
Best Flyover Patios Penrith
Beautiful Flyover Patios Penrith
Stunning Flyover Patios Penrith

Flyover Patios

Discover the innovative allure of our flyover patios, designed to provide an unmatched outdoor experience. The elevated design enhances airflow and invites in natural light, creating an airy and luminous space. Whether you’re entertaining under the bright Australian sun or seeking shelter on a rainy day, our flyover patios ensure optimal comfort, marrying architectural ingenuity with versatile functionality.

Cantilever Patios Penrith
Beautiful Cantilevered Patios Penrith
Cantilever Patios Campbelltown
Cantilver Patios Kiama

Cantilever Patios

Step into the world of cantilever patios, where modern design meets outdoor comfort. The overhanging structure provides an unobstructed space underneath, allowing you to enjoy open-air relaxation with optimal sun and rain protection. Whether you’re soaking up the Australian sun or escaping from an afternoon downpour, our cantilever patios deliver the perfect balance of style and functionality for your outdoor living.

Free Standing Patios Penrith
Free Standing Patios Campbelltown
Free Standing Patios Sydney
Stunning Free-Standing Patios Sydney

Free Standing Patios

Explore the boundless potential of our free-standing patios, offering versatility in outdoor living like never before. These standalone structures create an inviting oasis, allowing you to position your outdoor sanctuary exactly where you desire. From sun-soaked relaxation spots to rain-sheltered retreats, our free-standing patios adapt to your every need, bringing you the ultimate fusion of freedom, function, and flair.

Balcony Patios Sydney
Balcony Patios Penrith
Balcony Patios Wollongong
Beautiful Balcony Patios Sydney

Balcony Patios

Embrace the allure of our balcony patios, a personal haven that opens your home to the outdoors. Offering the perfect balance of sunlight and shade, these patios provide an elevated space for relaxation and entertainment. Whether greeting the day with a sun-drenched breakfast or winding down with a tranquil evening meal, our balcony patios seamlessly blend indoor comfort with an immersive outdoor experience.

Colorbond Gable Patios Penrith
Colorbond Flyover Patios Penrith
Colorbond Flat Roof Patios
Colorbond Patios Penrith


Transform your outdoor space into a stylish, functional retreat with a custom COLORBOND® patio from ATS Awnings. Expertly designed and installed, a COLORBOND® steel patio provides durable weather protection so you can fully enjoy the outdoors year-round.

curved patios penrith
curved patios sydney
curved patios campbelltown
curved patio kiama

Curved Roof Patios

Go with the flow with the beauty of Curved Patios. Enhance the visual appeal, and sophistication of your outdoor environment by adding sweeping curves to your entertainment.

Polycarbonated Pergolas Sydney
Stunning Polycarbonate Pergolas Sydney
Beautiful Polycarbonate Pergolas Sydney
Best Polycarbonate Pergolas Sydney

Polycarbonate Patios

Experience the joy of outdoor living like never before with our polycarbonate patios. Offering a seamless blend of style, durability, and light optimisation, these patios provide a sanctuary in your backyard, allowing you to enjoy the Australian outdoors in any season.

Colour Palettes to Match

Discover a spectrum of colour options to perfectly match your vision, environment, and lifestyle.
Dover White™
Evening Haze®
Classic Cream™
Shale Grey™
Woodland Grey®
Night Sky®
Deep Ocean®
Cottage Green®
Manor Red®
Pale Eucalypt®
Proud suppliers of COLORBOND® steel.
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Your Outdoor Living Specialists

ATS Awnings, a family-owned business, is your local expert for custom outdoor home improvements across Sydney, Penrith, Campbelltown, and the South Coast. We prioritise high-quality installations, backed by a workmanship guarantee and up to a 25-year manufacturer warranty. Customer satisfaction, exemplified by our 2018 Local Business Award for Outstanding Service & Trade, is central to our work. Our friendly and professional team collaborates with you to design solutions for the way you live and augment your home's appeal.

Our Reviews

Discover the joy of outdoor living.

Recently we decided to put up a carport to protect our new vehicle, after a few other quotes we called ATS out before making a final decision. ATS sent Rod out to discuss our options and we were very impressed with his professional and friendly approach from the start. We had a rough idea of what we wanted and within 45 minutes I had an electronic quote inc drawing, dimensions and materials which was all done on site. To our delight, ATS put up our carport well ahead of schedule and it exceeded all of our expectations. A big thanks to Rod, both Ian's, Luke and the entire ATS team for a great and seamless job. Highly recommended AAA+

Ats are competitively priced , excellent workmanship , a pleasure to deal with from first contact through to finished product . Highly recommend this business.

Wonderful service ATS, if you're reading reviews to ascertain if this company is the right fit for you, please know I would highly recommend ATS! From initial quote to final build, everyone involved was a pleasure to work with, and the end result looks brilliant. Thank you, Janet

From sales through to installation ATS awnings were very easy to deal with. The sales team offered different options, to suite different budgets. The installation was completed yesterday and we are very happy with the finished product. Peter

ATS Awnings provided a first class service in replacing our old awning. The new work was handled in a professional manner from the first contact through to completion. Sales and site visits were thorough and took into account all the small details. The installation went flawlessly with excellent attention to detail, right through to a complete site cleanup upon completion. We're very happy.

ATS did a great job and was well priced. The Building Consultant, Ian Stuart was amazing, not only was he friendly and willing to answer all questions, but he provided honest and expert advice on the structure at the same time as working towards a good price. The structure was built as discussed with Ian at the consultation in a timely manner and the communication between the company and I was top notch. A job well done to the team and a big thanks to Ian the Building Consultant, for being so open, honest and down the line with his advice, he is an asset to the organisation. You can't get any better than ATS! Really happy :o)

ATS built an insulated patio roof for us about 2 months ago, and since then, it's held up perfectly through several storms and heatwaves. The process for drafting the plans was great and the salesperson was very knowledgeable in recommending us the exact product for our needs. Price was also competitive. Construction itself only took half a day, and the craftsmanship is superb; the roof is nicely integrated into the rest of the house, as if it had always existed. Our only complaint is that the construct waste was left in our backyard for a couple days; it's a minor thing. If you're hiring ATS (which I highly recommend), just make sure you prepare a spot that the workers can leave waste products that's away from curious children.

ATS Awnings and Additions help me build a much needed Awning for my house in Penrith. I was super impressed with the efficiency and level of customer service they gave me. I would highly recommend ATS Awnings and Additions to family and friends.

I used the services of ATS Awnings to build an awning over my deck couple of months ago. They were one of the best companies I had ever dealt with. Every person who interacted with us were very professional and worked their best to find the best solution for our requirements. The quality of the work was superb. They gave us a schedule on when the work would be completed and they were able to finish the work by that date. The work was very neat and I couldn't be more happier about it. The price was also very reasonable.

A seamless, knowledgeable and reliable supplier at a competitive market price. Thank you ATS Awnings for making this process very easy for us. You were a dream to work with, keep up the great work. We love our awning.

Excellent work done ahead of schedule and very prompt attention to final details

ATS awnings & additions built a custom Verandah and Carport on the front of our house a few weeks ago and we couldn't fault them. From the moment we received our quote right up until the finished design. Their professionalism, communication and quality of their work has been outstanding! We are 100% satisfied with their completed project and have already received so many wonderful compliments from people passing by. If you're looking for any sort of awnings and home additions, don't hesitate to contact these guys - You won't be disappointed!

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Have questions about your outdoor makeover? Find instant answers in our detailed FAQ section, making your design journey smooth and worry-free.

In Australia, a patio is commonly referred to as a “verandah.” A verandah is a roofed, open-air gallery or porch that’s typically attached to the exterior of a building. It is designed to provide shelter and a shaded area for outdoor living, just like patios in other parts of the world. However, the design and construction of verandahs often reflect Australia’s unique climate conditions and outdoor lifestyle.

The terms “alfresco” and “patio” both refer to outdoor living spaces, but they are used slightly differently and can convey different design implications.

An alfresco area, a term commonly used in Australia, is typically a part of the house that is designed to blend the indoor and outdoor living spaces seamlessly. Alfresco areas are often directly accessible from inside the house, usually through sliding or bi-fold doors. They are roofed for weather protection and can include features like built-in kitchens or fireplaces, making them suitable for year-round use.

On the other hand, a patio is a designated outdoor space that might be attached to the house but could also be situated separately within the garden. Patios might be covered or uncovered and generally have less of an emphasis on blending indoor and outdoor environments. They can be designed for various functions, such as dining, entertaining, or relaxing.

Overall, while both alfresco areas and patios aim to extend your living space and make the most of your outdoor environment, an alfresco area is more integrated with the home’s main structure and often has more sophisticated features.

What is the difference between a patio roof, pergola, and awning?
A patio roof, pergola, and awning each provide a unique solution for outdoor shading and protection, but they differ in structure, purpose, and appearance.
A patio roof is typically an extension of the home’s roof, providing permanent protection against the elements. It can be constructed from a range of materials and is designed to seamlessly blend with the architecture of the house.
On the other hand, a pergola is a free-standing or attached outdoor garden feature forming a shaded walkway, passageway, or sitting area. It consists of vertical posts or pillars supporting cross-beams, often adorned with vines. While it provides partial sun protection, its primary purpose is to define an outdoor space with a touch of style and elegance.
An awning is a secondary covering attached to the exterior wall of a building or freestanding as a standalone feature to complement the home. It’s best suited for outdoor entertainment areas or to cover a walkway around the home for weather protection.
Each of these options has its benefits, and your choice should depend on your specific needs, preferences, and the architectural style of your home.

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