How to Maintain House Roofs

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Roofs provide aesthetics to the overall appearance of your home and protection to those living under it. House roofs keep us dry, warm, and comfortable throughout the year. As a structural support of the house, house roofs need maintenance. You want to protect it, as it is expensive to have a new roof.

Here is how to maintain your house roof.

  1. Remove debris that clogged the gutter.

Debris ends up in the gutter, and debris pile too deeply. If you do not regularly remove debris from the gutter, you might face a big problem when it rains. Rainwater cannot flow freely down the gutter, and this might result in damage to the roof, ceiling, and basement. 

Rots on the roof deck are easily prevented with this simple roof maintenance. Regularly clear out debris or call a professional gutter cleaning service to do the job.

  1. Get rid of the moss and mould.

Moss, mould, and algae are common on roofs. Although algae are not detrimental like moss and mould, it is still best to get rid of them as they can cause severe damage to your roof. Spray a liquid chlorine bleach on the areas with algae, moss, or mould. Allow the chlorine bleach to sit for fifteen minutes or half an hour. Do not forget to check the ground below, as this solution may damage the landscaping. 

  1. Trim overhanging branches and remove leaves.

Trees give a picturesque landscape to our lawn, but they could be the root of your roof problems. Its limbs and branches may be knocked loose by strong winds or during a severe storm and cause immediate damage to your roof. This would be a huge and expensive damage.

If your home is surrounded by trees, regularly trim any threatening branches when it starts growing too close to your home or roof. 

  1. Carefully remove snow from the roof.

The love-hate relationship we have for winter; the snow can be fun to play in, but the snow buildup can be a major problem. A heavy amount of snow sitting on your roof may result in the possibility of roof collapse. 

If you are not confident with the condition of your roof, regularly and carefully scrape the snow from the roof. This help relieves the roof from the weight of the snow and lessens the chance of your roof collapsing.

  1. Check for missing shingles or cracks on the roof.

Extreme temperatures result in shrinking or cracking the shingles on your roof, and severe summer storms may even tear them off. Even when you are confident of the quality of your roofs, hurricanes and tropical storms may still damage the strongest roofing system. 

Get a Roof Inspection

You can have several roof maintenance tasks you can do yourself, just like mentioned above, but there may be signs of damage that only a professional can spot seamlessly. Call a professional roofer to examine and give a thorough roof inspection. You can schedule a roof inspection annually, bi-annually, or after severe storms.

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