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Better Living, Better Sun Rooms / Glass Rooms in Sydney

Imagine if you could enjoy the great outdoors, with the comfort and insulation of glass panels around you? ATS Awnings offers you the unique opportunity to relax, entertain, and enjoy life with your very own sun rooms in Sydney.
A customised sun room is the easiest and most cost-effective way to expand your living area. Our integrated design system includes roofing, insulation and ceiling all in one panel.
So, how does a sun room keep you away from the elements?

Insulated Roofing

An insulated roof goes even further to preserve your room’s temperature.
Made from your choice of thickness, your insulated roof keeps away harmful UV rays during extreme weather. The heat reduction finishes will reduce the internal temperature… and your reliance on using costly heaters or air-conditioners too.
When the rain comes, the sound of rain and hail is dampened for a distraction-free environment.

Huge Range of Designs

Our professional designers offer a range of styles to match your property. You can choose from up to eleven different colours, which are specifically chosen to complement the Australian household. The colours give your home a contemporary look and blend in with your existing property.

Additional Benefits

ATS Awnings ensures your installation is completely effortless and transparent. Some other additional benefits about our sun rooms include:

  • Easy to maintain and cost-effective
  • Constructed with a watertight joining system for effective draining of water
  • Concealed ducting to transfer electrical cables without risk of rainfall or sun exposure

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If you’re looking to expand your property into something special, sun rooms in Sydney are the perfect way to relax and entertain friends or family.
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