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What to Consider Before House Remodelling

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Stephen Carruthers

Stephen Carruthers is an expert patio roof builder combining years of construction experience and local climate knowledge to create inviting, durable outdoor spaces.

House remodelling is fulfilling and rewarding when it is done correctly as how you need it to be. Whether renovating your bedroom, redoing your living room, or adding a laundry room, remodelling your house is a fun yet stressful adventure. You can reduce stress and increase the fun by planning the house renovation process.

Stressful events come when you dive into the process without knowing what to expect. House remodelling is not as simple. To prevent any overwhelming mistakes, here are what you need to consider.

  1. Create a plan.

Do not proceed if you do not have a plan.

House remodelling is as complex as planning for a home. A realistic and detailed remodelling plan helps you have a vision of its functionality and design. Figure out all the details and not your vague renovation plan.

  1. Set a budget.

How much you are willing to spend for the remodelling project is a significant factor. Do not make a tight estimate because there may be unanticipated problems along the way, your budget must have a margin for unexpected costs. 

You can discuss your budget with your prospective contractors to know who among them can deliver the best results without breaking the bank. Compare their bids. You can also estimate the material costs by visiting the warehouse and comparing the prices for the materials that you need. 

Expect that 50% of your budget goes to the material cost, 30% is to labour, and the remaining 20% goes to taxes.

  1. Make a realistic timeline.

Setting a timeline on how long the renovation needs to be done is important. You have to consider that you might have to leave your house during the renovation process, and this might add up to your budget. Think about how long you are willing to use a temporary bathroom or sleep at the hotel, and consider the delays that might take the remodelling project longer than expected.

When you have a realistic schedule of the tasks that need to be done, the work becomes steady as the contractor can focus from one task to the next. 

  1. Find a reliable contractor and discuss what you have planned out.

You have to decide if you want to have a Do-It-Yourself renovation project or find a reliable contractor to do the job. Simple home improvements do not need construction skills. However, if you plan on bigger tasks, it is best to look for a contractor. Discuss what you have planned to determine if your prospective contractor can do the renovation project efficiently. 

  1. Check if you need any permits.

You have to remember that some home renovations may require a building permit. It is best to consult your local council to assess your remodelling plans. You might encounter difficulties when you plan to sell or refinance your home if you do not have a permit or proper documents.

Some homeowners need to realise that renovation, big or small, affects their daily life. Taking these things into consideration beforehand makes it seamless for you. All of your plans will be a success.

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