4 Popular Carport Styles to Enhance Your Sydney Home

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Stephen Carruthers is an expert patio roof builder combining years of construction experience and local climate knowledge to create inviting, durable outdoor spaces.

For most people a carport is a place to store their vehicle and keep it out of the rain. Of course, these wonderful structures can do so much more. Not only do they keep your vehicle safe from the elements but also enhance the value and curb appeal of your beloved home.

Fortunately, you can choose from a range of carport styles to suit your personal taste, budget, and landscape requirements. Whether you have a classic or contemporary home, you’re bound to find a design that blends in perfectly with your home and earns you compliments galore.

So whether you’re installing a carport from scratch, or updating your current one, here are 5 styles to help you get inspired.

Double Carports

As the name implies, a double carport is larger than a standard carport. With this extra storage space you have the freedom to store up to two vehicles of any type. This includes cars, trucks, and boats to name a few. Of course, before you do purchase a carport, make sure the ceiling is high enough to store taller vehicles.

Even if you don’t have two vehicles at the moment, there are many good reasons to own a double carport.

For starters, your guests will enjoy the peace of mind knowing their car is safe every time they visit you. Secondly, you have the space to purchase a second vehicle at any time if ever you wish. Finally, when you park in a secure carport it can greatly reduce your insurance premium – as the car is less at risk of damage and theft.

Free-Standing Carport

A free-standing carport is a structure that is not attached to the property but a standalone fixture. They are typically supported by support beams with one beam for each corner of the structure. The main benefit of a free-standing carport is you can install one almost anywhere on the property as long as it meets local council guidelines.

Free-standing carports are also ideal if you want a design that is wildly different from what your house currently looks like. So you don’t have to worry as much about the carport not ‘blending in’ with the rest of the property. This gives you the freedom to pick out the colour, design, and roof profile you have always wanted.

Attached Carport

An attached carport is a structure connected directly to the house. Because only one side of the structured is linked to the property, there are less support beams to spoil the view and in some cases you can have no support beams at all.

When installed correctly, an attached carport looks like a natural extension of the home and really helps ‘bring’ the property together.

Another benefit to attached carports is how easy they are to install. Especially when it comes to getting approval from the local council. With a free-standing carport, although you do have the freedom to install one anywhere you wish, the local council may reject your project if they deem the area to be unsuitable. This is less likely to happen with an attached carport as long as you follow the guidelines closely.

Gabled Roof Carport

Gabled rooftops are characterised by their symmetrical, triangle shape. Traditionally, the gabled roof shape has two slopes on each side, which are equal in terms of length and the angle they sit at.

One of the biggest advantages to a gabled roof is their classic design. In most cases, a gabled roof will closely resemble the style of roof your home already has. Therefore, the design will blend in seamlessly with the current look and feel of your home.

Another great benefit is the drainage capabilities. Even though all rooftops are specially designed to collect and drain rainwater, gabled roofs are the most efficient at performing this task. As a result, they are far less likely to pool water on the surface, and – unlike a flat roof – debris is unlikely to build-up and cause a blockage.

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