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Outdoor Pergolas in Sydney

Pergolas Sydney

A Worthy Investment For Your Home

We believe the outdoors should be enjoyed all year round – no matter what season it is. That’s why our outdoor pergolas are made for Sydney residents, like yourself. We keep your friends and family safe from unpleasant weather… and let you bring the social environment outside any time you like.

Keeping You Away From The Elements

We have a range of insulated pergolas to make outside a more pleasant environment. Many of our pergolas are designed with insulation in mind, with aluminium or stainless steel material to reflect harmful UV rays and keep you nice and cool during summer.

And with a heat reflective finish, you’ll avoid exposure to ultra-violet rays and only receive natural light for your entertainment area.

In-Depth Consultation Process

From spacious flat roofs, to gable pergola rooftops – our designers cater towards your lifestyle needs to create the perfect outdoor solution for you.

We take you through our product range and create a solution that’s right for you. You can choose between open or closed pergola covers, various styles and a range of different colours.

Every aspect of your pergola is chosen by you. Our designers provide you with professional input and suggestions to ensure your vision meets local council regulations.

Repairs, Extensions and Maintenance

Need repairs or an upgrade for your existing pergola? We provide ongoing support for all outdoor pergolas across Sydney. Our builders are equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to perform most kinds of restoration work.

Request a consultation with our maintenance staff by contacting (02) 80 145 230 or (02) 476 008 18.

7 Year Workmanship Guarantee and Warranty

Having an outdoor pergola is a big investment. And while we’re extremely confident in the quality of our pergola enclosures across Sydney – it’s not enough to take our word for it.

That’s why each installation is backed by our 7 year workmanship guarantee! In the event something does go wrong during this time, we’ll ensure the problem is fixed free of charge.

And not only are you backed by our commitment to quality, but you’ll also be supported by a manufacturer warranty of up to 25 years!

Request Your FREE Quote Today!

To book a consultation session with us, simply call (02) 80 145 230 or (02) 476 008 18. We’re available Monday – Saturday for any installation, consultations and repair jobs.

Or send us an online enquiry here about installing or maintaining your outdoor pergolas in Sydney.