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6 Ways a Gable Roof Patio Can Enhance Your Home and Lifestyle

Gable Roofs Patios

One of the most popular styles of outdoor roofing is the gable patio. The classic arch design, is a traditional finish that complements any style of architecture. On top of this, the shape provides extra headroom, which allows for improved ventilation and airflow to keep you comfortable all year round.

Whether you’re renovating a new or existing property, a gable roof patio can be custom-made to meet your exact specifications. When done professionally, the result is a visually striking and functional centrepiece that makes any outdoor living space complete.

Here are 6 reasons why a gable roof patio is the perfect addition to your outdoor living space.

Visually Appealing

With two sloping sides that connect at the ridge, the gable roof is one of the most universally recognised shapes in domestic architectural, which creates a sense of charm and warmth that never goes out of style. And the classic design makes your outdoor living space immediately stand out from the crowd.

For even greater flexibility, you can also integrate a gable roof with a flat roof to give your home a personal touch – ideal if you build a carport or similar structure next to the outdoor living space.

Better Airflow and Ventilation

Thanks to the triangular shape of a gable patio, this creates extra headroom inside that makes it easy to ventilate the undercover space, which leaves you and your guests comfortable and one with nature – while you still enjoy the security of an overhead roof.

So, even when the weather is blistering hot, you can enjoy the gentle cool breeze and keep out of the harsh UV rays. And your outdoor living space will receive plenty of natural sunlight. 

Improved Drainage of Rainwater

Every kind of roof is designed to properly collect and discharge rainwater. However, some roofs are better designed for the job than others.

Take flat roofs for example. Despite their name, flat roofs aren’t quite entirely flat, they are built on a slight angle. This way, rainwater can gently flow down the surface and into the nearby gutter, which collects and discharges the rainwater – which eliminates the risk of water pooling on the surface.

However, although a flat roof is designed to handle rainwater just like any other roof, they are more prone to a build-up of leaves, twigs, grime, and other debris. This means, a flat roof requires more cleaning than other types of rooftops, as the build-up of debris can block the gutters and cause rainwater to pool. If the problem is ignored, the pool of water can seriously damage the roof and potentially cause a major leak.

For this reason, a gable patio roof is often the preferred choice for home owners who want a low-maintenance roof. They are specially designed to allow rainwater to flow down the roof surface more efficiently and, due to the increased angle of the pitched slope, debris is far more likely to fall off the roof – as opposed to collect as a bunch.

Reduced Heat Undercover

When it comes to summer, few things are worse than sweating it out in the heat. Well, thanks to the extra headroom and triangular shape of a gable patio roof, this is a problem of the past.

Since the roof is further away from the undercover space it covers, and the roofing sheets are on an angle, the sun hits the roof from multiple angles and the overall heating effect is greatly reduced. As a result, the undercover area is less likely to heat up so fast, and you can feel more comfortable for longer.

Best of all? Thanks to the increased headroom, this allows the cool air to flow in and dissipate the build-up of hot air undercover.

Extremely Versatile

Whether you plan to install for a carport, backyard, front porch, or anywhere else, you have the freedom to install a gable patio roof anywhere you desire. So, you can give your new or existing home a classic look that won’t go out of style, anywhere on the premise that fits your exact needs.

Better still, you can even combined a pitched roof with an adjacent flat roof. This is ideal if, for example, you want to install a carport and outdoor living space right next to each other, and having two separate roof designs will give your home a personal touch.

On top of this, since flat roofs are slightly cheaper than gable roofs, you save a bit of money while being able to achieve your dream look as well.

Huge Range of Styles

With the vast amount of customisation options, it’s easy to choose a patio roof style that suits your personal taste and complements the existing property.

You’ll be impressed by the huge range of colours and styles you can choose – including your choice of an attached (attached to the property itself) or free-standing design (entirely separate from the property), wide variety of colours (for the roof, gutters, and support beams), and the ability to personalise the angle of the roof itself.

Of course, you don’t have to make these touch choices on your own.

At ATS Awnings & Additions, your friendly and experienced patio specialist will be happy to guide you through the design process. By showing you product samples, and explaining the benefits to you in clear, easy to understand terms.

Ready to enjoy the finest outdoor living has to offer? Get in touch with ATS Awnings & Additions to book in a no-obligation, onsite, measure and quote.

To learn more about the benefits of gable roof patios, call (02) 8014 5230 or fill out the online form.

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