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Insulated Roofs

Enhance Your Outdoor Area With Insulated Patio Roofs in Sydney

Avoid the natural elements in comfort with insulated patio roofs in Sydney. ATS Awnings provides you with superior quality roofing that lets you work, play and relax anytime you like.
Bring the comforts of your indoor living space into the open world. Our insulated roofs are tailor-made to transform your outdoor area into a vibrant and dynamic environment. We customise your design to meet your lifestyle needs and establish a naturally stunning rooftop extension.

Smarter Insulation

With an insulated rooftop, you’ll have greater comfort in even the harshest conditions.
Each corrugated or ribbed rooftop installation is fitted with polystyrene foam for superior thermal performance. The high-density material greatly reduces heat transfer and keeps you cooler in harsh sunlight.
Insulated patio roofs keep your home cooler on the inside by blocking sunlight from your interior living space and preventing external cladding from heating up. It can also reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint.
Choose from various levels of insulation thickness including 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and more.

Exceptional Strength and Sturdiness

No matter what size you’re expanding to, your insulated roof is designed for maximum strength and sturdiness. Each installation is built with minimal reliance on beams or posts achieving larger spans, which reduces the amount of clutter in your living space.
Noise caused by storms and rainfall? An insulated roof reduces noise for a minimised distraction-free environment. Insulated roofing materials reduces vibration and dampens the sound of rain, hail and storms.

Tailor-Made Solutions

We offer many customisation options to match the look of your insulated rooftop solution.
Choose from a large range of colours along with powder-coating colours for your posts and beams. The interior ceiling is available in white and other finishes.

Additional Features

At ATS Awnings, we take into consideration every aspect of your roof installation.
Other bonus features include:

  • Rebates seamlessly built-in to conceal electrical wiring for light fixtures, fans and heaters
  • Watertight drainage system for excess rainfall
  • Heat reducing finishes and blocking harmful UV rays
  • Customised for your domestic or commercial outdoor patio

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