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Curved Roofs

Achieve a real WOW factor to your home.

With a Curved Patio Sydney solution in mind we can help you create the perfect place to catch some fresh air or a relaxing break with valued family and friends.
Our Curved Patio is modern, aesthetically pleasing and blend with the conventional constructed homes, whether your looking to upgrade or installing a new structure, this patio may be your solution!
Unlike some alternatives, these solid structures can be fixed to several points, this enables them to be erected as a freestanding unit, although we regularly tie in to your home whichever is the preferred option. ATS Awnings works with you to customise a design that best suits your needs.
Our curved roof patios can be made with an Insulated option, Polycarbonate or Colour Coated Metal (Single Skin). These materials can also come in a combination to create the ultimate escape.

Insulated Curved Roof

Our Insulated Curved roof is a stylish structure which also can reduce the impact of the harsh Australian climate. Each corrugated or ribbed roof installation is fitted with polystyrene foam for superior thermal performance. The high-density material greatly reduces heat transfer, keeps you cool in harsh sun and reduces the noise of impacting rain.
You can choose from various levels of insulation thickness for the optimum level of comfort.

Polycarbonate roofing

Concerned about losing light? Polycarbonate can accommodate for maximum light and reduced heat. A great substitute for glass roofing without the excessive price tag.
Polycarbonate roofing has a high impact resistance and can come with up to 25yrs manufactures warranty.

Metal Roofing (Single Skin)

ATS Coloured Metal sheeting has a simple yet elegant finish, this roofing provides shade and protection from the heat and rain. Many different design and style combinations can be achieved such as a skillion curved or skillion gable, also including our popular split roof design.

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