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Flat Roof Patios

Skillion (Flat roof)

Looking for the extra shaded space outdoors? Having to book your special occasion around the weather? Then a flat roof patio may be your saviour!

A skillion patio design is perfect if you’re looking at adding simple luxury to your entertainment area, you’re working with experts in skillion roof designs. We can ensure that these patios look just as breathtaking and feel as luxurious as any other patio type.

A flat roof structure can be used as either a patio cover, to keep you dry and out of the harsh sun or to protect your patio furniture and BBQ from of the elements. The carport can protect your car from the harsh Australian weather and if you can’t stand getting into a hot car from the scorching sun, or sick of getting wet when bringing in the shopping this could be the perfect solution.

It is ideal as a single unit or in a combination with a gable or a curved roof. Whether you decide to attach to your home or as a free-standing structure, a skillion roof is the perfect addition to every outdoor space.

The Skillion (Flat roof) can be constructed from ALL of our roofing products.