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Gable Roofs

Gable (Pitched Roof)

Create a space for all your outdoor entertainment needs.
A Gable roof pergola is versatile and stylish, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors all the while being protected from the harsh sun.
Gable roof pergolas are perfect for stormy and hot summer weather.
The pitched roof allows for Natural ventilation making it higher for the heat to dissipate the area. The additional height achieved gives a great sense of space and grandeur with the additional items such as lights and a beautiful fan these keep it functional day and night. The optional fan/s fitted can help prevent fly’s and mosquitos from invading your outdoor area or special occasion.
Our gable roof can come in a range of materials from Insulated to Polycarbonate or a combination. Our design consultants will be able to assist you in making your ultimate lifestyle choice which works for you.

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