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Schools and Commercial

Looking at providing extra protection for our children from the harsh Australian Weather?

ATS Awnings have designed and built various Covered Outdoor Learning Areas (COLA’S), covered walkways, completed carpentry work and roof replacements on a multitude of Schools throughout the Sydney region.
These structures provide shelter for our children, so they can play, learn in comfort and to help reduce the risk of skin cancer to our parents and children all year round.
Some Projects we have completed include the Covered Outdoor Learning Area at Davidson High School, achieving a 38m span covering a double sized basketball court with Gable (pitched) roof, we have achieved curved roof structures of a similar size.
ATS Awnings are pre-qualified to work with Government agencies, we regularly have Audits to ensure our Work Health and Safety processes are current and that we are financially stable to conduct works on the NSW governments behalf, this is an added security to you the home/business owner.

We can offer:

  • Covered Walkways – traditional & Canter levered (post one side)
  • Shade Shelters
  • Covered Outdoor Learning Areas (COLA’S)
  • Bus & Car Shelters
  • Repairs and replacements to existing structures
  • Decking
  • We have the capability of achieving over 38m clear span for double basketball courts and further
  • Commercial Roofing Projects

And much more.
From designing to building ATS Awnings are here to help, if you would like some more information please submit your inquiry online or call us on (02) 8014 5230.